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The 6th session of the High Level Committee for the implementation of the Agenda of the Decade of African Roots and the African Diaspora, which was established on June 10, 2021, decided that six preparatory regional conferences in the six regions of the African Union be organized as a prelude to the Lomé Pan-African Congress.

The membership of the High Level Committee is: Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Morocco, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa, The Gambia, Tanzania, Togo, and Tunisia.

These regional conferences, which are set to take place respectively in Southern Africa, Northern Africa, Eastern Africa, Western Africa, Central Africa and the Diaspora will culminate in the 9th Pan-African Congress in Lomé in October 29-November 2, 2024.

On December 04-05, 2023, South Africa set the pace and hosted the Southern Africa Regional Preparatory Conference on the theme “Pan-Africanism, Science, Knowledge and Technology” to deliberate on Digital Technology, Science, and Innovation and the establishment of institutional links on the continent alongside collaboration with the Diaspora. Brazil will host the Diaspora regional Conference on “Memorial, restitution, reparation and Reconstruction” in May 2024.

The themes for these itinerant conferences including those of South Africa and Brazil are:

  1. Pan-Africanism, Science, Knowledge and Technology;
  2. Memorial, restitution, reparation and Reconstruction;
  3. Pan-Africanism and Migration;
  4. Economic Pan-Africanism and African Emergence;
  5. Africanophony, Cultures, Education and Pan-African identity;
  6. Diaspora, Afro-descendants and development.

Commissions or committees bearing the names of the themes of the regional preparatory conferences will discuss the same themes during the 9th Pan-African Congress in Lomé.

The resolutions and declarations, which would have sanctioned these regional conferences, will be submitted for discussion to the participants of the 9th Congress who will have the freedom to amend them if need be before they approve them.

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